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This guide contains links to extra material to help students to explore subjects they may be interested in studying at university.

The material may also enable students to develop their personal statements or prepare for university interviews.

Information sheets

Super-curricular activity guide

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Russell Group bursary guide

> The Guardian - latest news on architecture
> Arch Daily - information on various architecture projects
> E-Architect - articles about different building projects
> The V & A Museum - Fashion Collection  - articles on fashion + images of fashion collections through the ages
> Textile Artist - articles on contemporary textile art written by artists
> The Art History Archive - art glossary
> The National Gallery - browse artists and their collections
> Game developer - featured stories in the gaming industry
> The V & A Museum - Design Collection - design styles over the ages
> The V & A Museum - Illustration Collection - illustration collection highlights + articles on illustration
> The BFI - Screen Online - a guide to Britain’s film and TV industry
> Eye Magazine - magazine about graphic design and visual culture
> Creative Review - articles on creativity, design, and illustration
> Illustrators Illustrated - online space for critical discussion and exploration of illustration
> Animation World Network - latest news in the animation industry
> Animation Studies - studies on different themes in animation
> The BBC Academy Blog - discussions of current technical, ethical, production and craft issues in the media industry.
> - top stories in journalism
> The Design Museum - Designers - stories and details on various designers impacting us today
> The Design Museum - Design - different designs and information about them
> Design Council - Resources - reports, case studies, and guides on design
> Design Week - features and information about the different topics in design
> Wallpaper Magazine - Design - latest stories in the design industry

> Accounting Coach - accounting Q&A archive by topic
> Accounting Today - latest accounting news
> Business Case Studies - case studies related to various business topics
> UK Finance - news and insight on UK finance
> The Economist - latest news on banking

> In Business, BBC - series of videos related to business
> The Bottom Line, BBC - series of videos related to economics
Business Case Studies - case studies related to various business topics
Management Today - news and resources related to management
Harvard Business Review - news articles related to all business topics
Campaign Live - ideas and strategies behind the industries most successful marketing campaigns
BBC - news articles on travel
The Economist - news on travel and tourism
Sustaining Tourism - news and case studies on tourism

> Poetry Foundation - browse different poets and poetry
> W.W.Norton - books and critical guides to purchase about different literature periods/pieces
> National Geographic - latest news and videos on the environment
> United Nations Environment Programme - global environment reports by the UN environment programme
> Reviews in History - books and digital resources across all fields of history
> The BBC Academy Blog - old news stories and blogs regarding journalism
> - top stories in journalism and latest job vacancies
> MIT Libraries - foreign language newspaper sites to explore
> Online Newspapers - online newspaper directory for the world
> Literary Vocabulary - glossary of literary terms and definitions
> BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time - podcast about famous historical philosophers
> Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - stanford encyclopaedia of philosophical terms/ideas/theories 

> All About Law - latest news in Law and expert insights into commercial issues
> BBC - Law in Action - podcast discussing and exploring different issues/topics in law
> The Law Society Gazette - latest law news, legal updates, law reports

> Dental Health - learning about oral health – prevention and treatments
> The General Dental Council - nine principles of dentistry
> National Elf Service - the latest research in dentistry
> BBC Health News - the latest news article related to healthcare
> The British Medical Journal - leading medical research and news for medical students
> The British Medical Journal Blog - healthcare blog articles
> The British Medical Association - Ethics Toolkit for students - ethical guidance for medical students
> The Journal of the American Dental Association - online research articles about dentistry
> Patient Platform - health articles, tips, and information
> Oxford University Press Online Resources - podcasts containing series of interviews with patients and doctors + example patient letters
> NHS Health A-Z - list of health conditions in chronological order
> Royal College of Nursing - Principles of Nursing Practice - eight principles of nursing for dental staff and students
> Royal College of Nursing - Publications - publications covering a wide range of topics ranging between clinical guidance to employment relation issues
> The Royal College of Midwives - latest news on midwifery
> The Guardian - news articles about nutrition
> The Association of UK Dietitians - resources related to diet and nutrition
> The Association of UK Dietitians - Food Facts - food facts written by dietitians
> British Nutrition Foundation - nutrition resources such as webinars, articles, training
> National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - latest news and research in healthcare
> General Optical Council - latest news and resources related to optometry
> Optometry Today - latest research on optometry
> Optometry Today - Science and Vision - research on science and vision
> Royal Pharmaceutical Society - Blog - blogs written by pharmaceutical experts
> Drug Discovery Today Magazine - resources related to pharmacy – news, research, webinars, podcasts
> General Pharmaceutical Council - Standards for Pharmaceutical Professionals - standards for pharmacy professionals
> Chartered Society of Physiotherapy - latest news and features related to physiotherapy
> The Guardian - Society Section - news articles on social care
> Research in Practice - research and news related to social care
> The Professional Association for Social Work and Social Workers - resources related to social work and social workers
> Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine - list of diagnosis, signs to look for in Vet Med
> Veterinary Partner - news articles in order of species. Latest news and features on animal diseases, webinars, risk assessments
> National Animal Disease Information Service - latest news and guidance on animal health risks, advice and support for vets and professionals
> British Veterinary Association - Journal - journals and case reports written by veterinary experts
> British Veterinary Association - Blogs - blogs written by veterinary experts
> Animal Welfare Foundation - ‘What would you do?’ Case studies
> The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - code of professional conduct for veterinary surgeons 
> Veterinary Record Open Journal - journal dedicated to publishing specialist veterinary research across a range of topics

> Contemporary Dance - contemporary dance glossary
Arts Alive - Dance Forms - free performing arts resources for students, teachers, and the public 
Glossary of Dramatic Terms - glossary of dramatic terms
The Place - ‘Meet the Artist’ articles
The V & A Museum - Dance Collection - articles on dance throughout the ages
The V & A Museum - Theatre Collection - articles on theatre and costume throughout the ages
Classical music - reviews and features on classical music and composers
BBC Radio 3 - Guide to Classical Music - guides to music genres, instruments, and timelines
Music Map - information about the different genres in music
PRS for Music - articles on music
Music Radar - Tuition - news articles and videos on music and musicians
Music Radar - Tech - latest music tech news, reviews, and tutorials from experts
The V & A Museum - Photography Collection - photography collections
Science Museum Group - Photography Collection - collections of photographs and topics in photography
Science Museum Group - Cinematography Collection - cinematography collection
The BFI - Screen Online - a guide to Britain’s film and TV industry
British Journal of Photography - contemporary photography and lens-based art
Film International - latest news, interviews, and reviews on film and TV

> BBC Future - news stories about various anthropological topics
The Guardian - latest news in anthropology
Discover Anthropology - ethnography and fieldwork in anthropology
Anthropology News - latest issues on anthropology
The Guardian - latest news in archaeology
The Archaeology Channel - podcast on the latest updates in archaeology
Science News - latest news in palaeontology
The Conversation - latest news in archaeology
The Guardian - latest crime news stories
British Society of Criminology - research and publications in criminology
Economic and Social Research Council - news and blogs on human data science
BBC Business News - latest news in business and economy
Time Magazine - latest news in economics
The TES - news, analysis, and teaching and learning resources in education
The British Psychology Society - Research Digest - research on different topics in psychology
Digital Education Resource Archive - research by the UCL Institute of Education
British Sociological Association - news, research, and press releases related to sociology 
Chatham House - latest content, events, and analysis in International Relations
E-International Relations - latest articles, books, interviews, and reviews on topics in International Relations
The Oxford University Politics Blog - news stories, archives, and blogcast on politics conducted by the University of Oxford
Science Daily - top headlines in psychology + information about different disorders and syndromes
BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Aloud - podcasts on various sociological issues
The Guardian - Society - articles and interviews on Society and societal issues

> The Engineer - Aerospace - latest aerospace engineering, technology, and business news
> Science Daily - Aerospace News - aerospace news – top and latest headlines
> Ingenia Online - engineering themed articles
> Science Daily - Animal Husbandry - news stories related to animal husbandry
> Cambridge Core Blog - news on the study of animals
> Cambridge Core Journal - international journal of animal biosciences
> Science Daily - Biochemistry News - latest biochemistry research news
> Biochemical Society - biochemistry booklets and essays for post-16 and undergraduates
> Scientific American - Biology - news articles on biology
> Science Daily - Biology News - news articles on biology
> Science Magazine - Biology - latest news on biology
> BMC Medicine - research articles on biomedicine
> The Chemical Engineer - latest news, research and development on chemical engineering
> The Engineer - latest news on different engineering topics
> Science Daily - Inorganic Chemistry News - inorganic chemistry top headlines
> Science Daily - Organic Chemistry News - organic chemistry top headlines
> Royal Society of Chemistry - Education in Chemistry - chemistry research, demos, opinions, articles
> Science Daily - Computer Science News - latest computer science research news
> Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Computer Science and Technology News - computer science and technology in the media/news
> Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Electrical Engineering & Electronics - electrical engineering and electronics in the media/news
> Science Daily - Engineering News - top headlines in engineering
> Applied Ecologist - research summaries in ecology
> UN Environment Programme - Yearbooks - global environment UN report
> A Simplified Guide to Forensic Science - guides on different sections/topics in forensic science
> The Conversation - Articles on Forensic Science - news articles on forensic science
> Science Daily - Forensic Research News - top and latest headlines in forensics
> The Guardian - Geology News - latest news in geology
> Science Daily - Geology News - top headlines in geology
> British Geological Survey - Research - research in different sections of geoscience
> Plus Magazine - articles on mathematics
> Nrich Project - features by the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge
> Harvard University - Department of Physics - Problem of the Week - practice maths and physics problems and solutions
> University of Oxford - Mathematical Institute - Practice Problems - practice problems by the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Oxford
> Advanced Problems in Mathematics: Preparing for University - advanced Problems in Mathematics free online PDF
> Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Latest Press Releases - latest press releases and reports on mechanical engineering
> Science Daily - Mechanical Engineering - related stories in mechanical engineering
> Science Direct - articles and research on mechanical engineering
> The Scientist - Microbiology News and Articles - trending microbiology news
> News Medical - Pharmacology News, Articles and Research - overview of and articles on pharmacology
> British Pharmacological Society - Pharmacology Matters Magazine - news articles written by pharmacologists
> Science Daily Physics News - top headlines in physics
> Phys Org - Physics News - news on different topics in physics
> The Science of Sport - news articles and analysis of the science of sport
> Science Daily - Sports Science News - top headlines in sports science
> Science Daily - Zoology News - top and latest headlines in zoology
> The Scientist Magazine - Zoology, Ecology News, Articles - news on zoology and ecology
> ZSL Institute of Zoology - Annual Reports - annual report findings conducted by the Institute of Zoology