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The most recent Advancing Access Virtual Conference took place on Tuesday 29th September.

During this free online event, teachers, careers advisers and careers leaders learnt how to best support their students to progress to competitive universities. The focus of the event was on supporting students who have just begun Year 13 (or S6) and helping them to overcome the disruption they have faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event featured four webinars delivered by university staff and there was also a Q&A discussion forum where attendees could get any question on any topic answered by our panel of experts.

Our webinars for this event were:

> Covid-19 update – how are universities supporting current and prospective students?
Delivered by the University of Bristol and the University of Leeds

> The UCAS application – does anything need to be done differently this year?
Delivered by Durham University and the University of Manchester

> How to choose a university without attending an open day
Delivered by the University of Exeter and University College London

> How have interviews and admissions tests been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?
Delivered by Newcastle University and the University of Oxford

Click here to watch the webinars from the event


Using an online platform, our free Advancing Access Virtual Conferences will offer the same quality of information, advice and training as CPD events held face to face.

You can use our online events to keep informed during a time when it may be more difficult to take part in CPD events physically.

Students have faced unprecedented disruption recently, so providing all students with accurate and up to date guidance has become more crucial than ever before.


Our Virtual Conferences are open access, free of charge and will provide you with the opportunity to:

> hear first-hand from university staff at Russell Group universities about its admissions processes and entry requirements

> ask any questions you may have - you can direct questions at our webinar presenters or ask any question to our panel of experts in our Q&A forum

> share ideas with colleagues on a range of topics

> access the guidance provided during ‘on the ground’ conferences with no requirement for travel

What will the Virtual Conference include?

Advancing Access Virtual Conference webinars

We're offering four different webinars and each one will be led by two presenters. These webinars will help you to stay updated regarding some of the changes which may have taken place recently in universities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the webinars and at the end you can ask our presenters questions using the text chat. You'll be able to choose to watch three out of the four webinars during the event but you can watch back all the webinars again on our website afterwards. 

Advancing Access Virtual Conference exhibition hall

Our virtual exhibition hall provides a stand for each of our 24 university partners

You will be able to speak with university representatives through an online chat facility. At least one representative from each university will be present, which means you will have access to all 24 universities in one space. There will also be a range of materials to download: for example, information on accommodation, summer schools, scholarships and bursaries.

Q&A discussion forum

We know that teachers, careers advisors and careers leaders have a lot a questions right now, so we're giving you the chance to ask as many questions as you like to our panel of experts. Just enter your question on our discussion forum and our experts will respond to you as soon as they can.

Frequently asked questions

Yes please register for the event beforehand using the form above. If you have any difficulty please contact us.

If you haven't already done so, you will also need to register an account on our website (this is a seperate process).

You can access our virtual conferences through a web browser using a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The platform is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems, however we recommend either the Chrome or Firefox browsers. You will not need to download any new software to access the conferences. You will need sound but you will not need a microphone or webcam.

Interaction is via text chat and you will be able to interact with our webinar presenters, our panel of experts and also other participants. Bear in mind that what you post will be visible to others, so please don't divulge personal or sensitive information about your students.

Advancing Access virtual conferences are designed for teachers, careers advisers and careers leaders from schools and colleges across the UK. In general, our conferences are appropriate for staff working with students making their key stage 4, key stage 5 and university choices.

Yes - we appreciate that you may not be able to take part in the entire event.

If you miss a particular webinar, you will be able to watch it again shortly afterwards on the Advancing Access website.

The webinars will be available on our website shortly after the event. Wherever possible we will also make presentation slides available too. We will send you an email with a link to these once the conference has finished.

We recommend having speakers for the best user experience as our webinars contain sound, however subtitles are available too.

No, you will ask all your questions in writing in our chat room-style web forums. 

Yes, there will be subtitles on the webinars. To access the subtitles, hover over the video and click the "CC" icon once it appears.