Russell Group universities

Russell Group universities

Twenty-four Russell Group universities from across the United Kingdom have collaborated to develop Advancing Access. Our universities are all members of the Russell Group.

Our university partners are committed to ensuring that learners with the qualifications, potential and determination to succeed at a leading university have the opportunity to do so, whatever their background or circumstances.

The combination of teaching and research excellence in our universities offers students the chance to learn from some of the world’s most respected academics. Students are supported to ensure they get the most from the education our universities offer. And they’ll have access to some of the best teaching facilities in the UK: from libraries and lecture halls to labs and online learning tools. This gives Russell Group graduates a huge step up to achieving success in the wider world.

In 2016/17, 632,010 students were studying at the 24 Russell Group universities - 27% of the UK's student population.

Russell Group graduates are highly sought after by employers, both nationally and internationally. Seven of the top 30 universities in the world, as ranked by employers, are Russell Group universities and graduates from high-status universities such as the Russell Group achieve the highest returns, even after controlling for the different student characteristics.

Over a five-year period to 2017, our universities will have invested over £1bn in improving and building new laboratories, libraries, lecture halls and IT facilities.

68% of the UK’s world-leading research took place at Russell Group universities, meaning that students are taught by academics who are leaders in their fields.

In 2015/2016, over three-quarters of young full-time first-year students at Russell Group universities were from state schools and colleges. Dropout rates at these universities are on average half those of other universities.

The Opening Doors report provides examples of what Russell Group universities are doing to help tackle the root causes of under-representation of students from disadvantaged backgrounds at Russell Group universities.

The Russell Group has also produced a guide – Informed Choices – which provides students with information and advice about their post-16 subject choices. Informed Choices has been developed in partnership with senior admissions staff from each of the 24 Russell Group universities and includes advice on the best subject combinations for a wide range of university courses, as well as the best choices for students who want to keep their options open.

To find out more about each university and their widening participation initiatives, please follow the links below.