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Advancing Access

Advancing Access provides a variety of CPD resources and online events for teachers and advisers to help them support students’ progression to leading universities. The information and guidance on this website, developed by our partnership of 24 leading universities, will help you advise learners making their key stage 4, key stage 5 and university choices.

CPD resources

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Free, interactive CPD resources for teachers and advisers on topics including university admissions, UCAS reference writing and post-16 study options.

Virtual conferences

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Online events for you to hear first-hand from university staff and ask questions about a range of topics such as personal statements and admissions requirements.

Events led by universities

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Find out more about upcoming CPD events delivered by our university partners and held on a university campus or in a local school or college.

Advancing Access channel View all case study films

Advancing Access case study films feature current students and recent graduates from one of our university partners describing their journey to university and employment. Our films are provided as a resource for teachers and advisers to use with their learners.